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Distinct Mechanisms Regulate Lck Spatial Organization in Activated T Cells.

Natasha Kapoor-Kaushik, Elizabeth Hinde, Ewoud B Compeer, Yui Yamamoto, Felix Kraus, Zhengmin Yang, Jieqiong Lou, Sophie V Pageon, Thibault Tabarin, Katharina Gaus, Jérémie Rossy

Frontiers in Immunology | Published : 2016


Phosphorylation of the T cell receptor (TCR) by the kinase Lck is the first detectable signaling event upon antigen engagement. The distribution of Lck within the plasma membrane, its conformational state, kinase activity, and protein-protein interactions all contribute to determine how efficiently Lck phosphorylates the engaged TCR. Here, we used cross-correlation raster image correlation spectroscopy and photoactivated localization microscopy to identify two mechanisms of Lck clustering: an intrinsic mechanism of Lck clustering induced by locking Lck in its open conformation and an extrinsic mechanism of clustering controlled by the phosphorylation of tyrosine 192, which regulates the affi..

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