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Distribution of a murine protein tyrosine phosphatase BL-beta-galactosidase fusion protein suggests a role in neurite outgrowth

T Thomas, AK Voss, P Gruss

Developmental Dynamics | WILEY | Published : 1998


We have generated a gene trap insertion into the protein tyrosine phosphatase-BL (PTP-BL) locus, which produces a fusion of the N-terminal half of PTP-BL with beta-galactosidase. During development, beta-galactosidase activity was seen in all epithelial cells: strong staining was observed in the stomach and kidney epithelium, the ependymal layer of the central nervous system, and the surface ectoderm. Particularly prominent beta-galactosidase activity was seen in the peripheral nervous system, which correlated with neurite outgrowth. In epithelial cells, staining was seen in the apical portion of the cells. In nerves, beta-galactosidase activity was associated with growth cones as well as wi..

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