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Searching for experimental models of Pemphigus vulgaris.

Nicola Cirillo, Fernando Gombos, Vincenzo Ruocco, Alessandro Lanza

Archives of Dermatological Research | Published : 2007


The current knowledge on Pemphigus vulgaris (PV) pathophysiology suggests that blister formation relies on both PV IgG and non-IgG serum factors activity. PV autoimmunity seems to develop against both desmoglein 1/3 and acetylcholine receptors leading to transduction of signals to the cell mediated by phosphorilation events. Serum factors other than IgG also participate to PV acantholysis through apoptotic or cytokine-mediated mechanisms. Apart from the role played by each actor within the acantholysis, however, the current scenario arises important methodological issues. For example, the use of PV IgG or monoclonal anti-Dsg3 antibodies to experimentally reproduce the disease appears inadequ..

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