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Magnetic pseudo-fields in a rotating electron-nuclear spin system

AA Wood, E Lilette, YY Fein, VS Perunicic, LCL Hollenberg, RE Scholten, AM Martin

Nature Physics | Nature Research | Published : 2017


Analogous to the precession of a Foucault pendulum observed on the rotating Earth, a precessing spin observed in a rotating frame of reference appears frequency-shifted. This can be understood as arising from a magnetic pseudo-field1,2 in the rotating frame that nevertheless has physically significant consequences, such as the Barnett effect3. To detect these pseudo-fields, a rotating-frame sensor is required4. Here we use quantum sensors, nitrogen–vacancy (NV) centres, in a rapidly rotating diamond to detect pseudo-fields in the rotating frame. Whereas conventional magnetic fields induce precession at a rate proportional to the gyromagnetic ratio, rotation shifts the precession of all spins..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We acknowledge valuable discussions with L. P. McGuinness and J.-P. Tetienne, and thank D. A. Simpson and A. D. Stacey for discussions and providing the diamond sample. This work was supported by the Australian Research Council Discovery Scheme (DP150101704).