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Electrochemistry of [MoS2(C5H10NO)2] and Its Oxo-Thio and Dioxo Analogs: Redox-Induced Interconversion of Species

PR Traill, AM Bond, AG Wedd

Inorganic Chemistry | Published : 1994


Electrochemical reduction of the piperidine N-oxido complexes MoS2(C5H10NO)2, MoOS(C5H10NO)2 and MoO2(C5H10NO)2 has been studied in detail by cyclic voltammetry, hydrodynamic voltammetry, and bulk electrolysis in aprotic organic solvents. Depending on the time domain, temperature or compound, a reversible one-electron reduction process or an overall irreversible process involving the apparent transfer of between 1 and 2 electrons may be observed. The initial reversible electron transfer process is metal-based and produces a transient molybdenum(V) complex [MovXY(C5H10NO)2]- (X and Y =O or S) which may be detected voltammetrically in the case of [MoS2(C5H10NO)2]- and [MoOS(C5H10NO)2]-. By con..

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