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Role of albumin's copper binding site in copper uptake by mouse hepatocytes.

HJ McArdle, SM Gross, DM Danks, AG Wedd

American Journal of Physiology | Published : 1990


It is possible, in vitro, to label albumin with copper either exclusively on the specific binding site or partly on the specific site and also on other sites by altering the pH at which the two ligands are mixed. Copper attached exclusively to the specific site is taken up more rapidly than copper attached to that site and others on albumin. The effect is proportional to the amount of copper on the specific site. Additional histidine stimulates uptake irrespective of the copper binding site on albumin. The effect is related to the histidine on position 3 of the albumin, since it is not seen when dog albumin is labeled under the same conditions. The data suggest that the cell recognizes and p..

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