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Abstraction by Cyanide of Thio Ligand from [MoVIOS] and Related Centres. The Crystal and Molecular Structure of cis-Oxobis[piperidine N-oxido(1 -)- 0, N]- selenomolybdenum(VI)

PR Traill, ERT Tiekink, MJ O’Connor, MR Snow, AG Wedd

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 1985


Cis-[MoOS(C5H10NO)2] reacts with cyanide in CDCl3 solution to produce cis- [MoO2(C5H10NO)2] (50-60%) and SCN-(65-85%). Free C5H10NH and C5H10NOH are formed as well, these results suggesting piperidine N-oxido ligand as the source of oxidizing equivalents in the system. Under the same conditions, cis[MoS2(C5H10NO)2] and cis- [MoOSe(C5H10NO)2] also form cis-[MoO2(C5H10NO)2]. The molecular structure of the title compound reveals Mo-Se and Mo-O (oxo) bond lengths of 2•299(1) and 1•719(4) A, and an O-Mo-Se bond angle of 115•3(1)°. The structure is related closely to that of [MoOS(C5H10NO)2], and detailed differences are those expected for substitution of a thio ligand by the larger seleno congene..

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