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Applications of 95Mo N.M.R. Spectroscopy. XVI Structure and Bonding in [Mo(CO)3(η6-arene)] Complexes from 95Mo, 13C and 17O Relaxation Times

RTC Brownlee, JM O’Connor, B Philip Shehan, AG Wedd

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 1985


Spin-lattice relaxation times (T1) have been measured for the 95Mo, 17O and methine and carbonyl 13C nuclei for a series of [Mo(CO)3(η6-C6H6- nMen)] complexes. In addition to the expected decrease in T1 with increasing molecular volume, the 95Mo and methine 13C data are interpreted in terms of variations in arene -molybdenum bonding. The methine 13C T1 values decrease in the order o- xylene > toluene > p- xylene > m- xylene > mesitylene . The methyl substitution pattern determines the distribution of electron-rich sites on the arene ligand , affecting the molybdenum- arene bond strength and the barrier to arene rotation. These observations support an earlier proposal that downfi..

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