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Applications of 95Mo NMR. 8. Molybdenum(0) Carbonyl Derivatives of Phosphines, Phosphites, and Related Ligands

AF Masters, GE Bossard, A George, RTC Brownlee, MJ O'connor, AG Wedd

Inorganic Chemistry | Published : 1983


A series of mononuclear molybdenum(0) species [Mo(CO)6], [Mo(CO)5L], cis-[Mo(CO)4L2], and fac-[Mo(CO)3L3] (L = phosphine, phosphite, or a related ligand) exhibit 95Mo NMR resonances in the range -1090 to -1870 ppm. For a given ligand L, there is a progressive downfield shift as substitution occurs in the above series and 95Mo shielding increases with the atomic number of the group 5 donor atom: N < P < As < Sb. For phosphorus-based ligands, line widths are sufficiently narrow for characteristic 95Mo-31P coupling to be observed. In the binuclear anion [Mo2(CO)10H]-, 95Mo-1H coupling is observed for the first time, 1J(95Mo,1H) = 15 Hz. The dinitrogen complex trans- [Mo(N2)2(dptpe)2] (dptpe = (..

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