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Synthesis and molecular structure of tetraphenylarsonium tetrakis(benzene- thiolato)oxorhenate(v)-acetonitrile (1/1)

AC McDonell, TW Hambley, MR Snow, AG Wedd

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 1983


The salts Ph4As [ReO(SPh)4].MeCN and Ph4As [ReO(SePh)4] have been synthesized and characterized. The crystal and molecular structure of the thiolate compound has been determined by X-ray crystallography which reveals a square-pyramidal arrangement of ligand atoms around the central rhenium atom of the [ReO(SPh)4]- anion. Crystal data: a 9.756(4), b 18.171(3), c 25.684(4) �, space group P212121, Z 4.

University of Melbourne Researchers

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