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Applications of Molybdenum-95 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. 3.1 Arenemolybdenum Tricarbonyl Derivatives

AF Masters, RTC Brownlee, MJ O'CONNOR, AG Wedd

Inorganic Chemistry | Published : 1981


The direct observation of the naturally abundant 95Mo NMR spectra of [LMo(CO)3] (L = cycloheptatriene, mesitylene, o-, m-, and p-xylene, toluene, cyclopentadienyl anion) compounds are reported and discussed. Narrow resonances (Wh/2 ͌ 6 Hz) are observed, and the signals are the most shielded reported to date. The 95Mo NMR chemical shift is related to the molybdenum-arene bond strength for L = arene. Arene exchange between [LMo(CO)3] derivatives is not detected at 38 °C in dichloromethane. © 1981, American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

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