Journal article

The behaviour of thiomolybdates in in vitro systems.

KM Weber, DD Leaver, AG Wedd

British Journal Of Nutrition | Published : 1979


The stability of potassium tetrathiomolybdate was studied in vitro using solutions with molybdenum, hydrogen ion and phosphate concentrations similar to those normally found in the rumen. Under these conditions K2[MoS4] hydrolysed rapidly and as a result the solution contained [moS4]2-, [MoOS3]2-, [MoO2S2]2-, [HS]- and H2S in equilibrium. In view of this hydrolysis, in vivo studies of thiomolybdate on copper metabolism of sheep should not exclude the possibility that either sulphide or molybdate is responsible for any observed effect.

University of Melbourne Researchers