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The formation and molecular structure of the di-μ-oxo-di[di(benzenethiolato)-oxomolybdate(V)] dianion

IG Dance, AG Wedd, IW Boyd

Australian Journal of Chemistry | Published : 1978


The orange-red complexes (R4N)2 [Mo2O4(SPh)4] (R = Me, Et), (Et4N)2 [Mo2O4(SCH2CH2- CH2S)2] and (Et4N)2 [M02O4(SCH2(CHOH)2CH2S)2] have been synthesized. Crystalline (Me4N)2 [Mo2O4(SPh)4], space group P1, contains two [(μ-O)2(OMo(SPh)2)2]2- complexes in each of which two approximately square-pyramidal (Ob)2Mo(Ot)(SPh)2 coordination spheres (b, bridging; t, terminal) share an Ob - - Ob edge with cw-bent stereochemistry. Important average dimensions are Mo-Mo 2•61, Mo-S 2•45, Mo-Ot 1•68, Mo-Ob 1•94 Å, Mo 0-71 Å above the (Ob)2S2 basal plane. There occur two different orientations of S-C vectors, relative to the Mo-Mo vector, associated with two clearly distinct classes of S-Mo-S angles, 81•9±0•..

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