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12C( gamma,p0 1)11B cross section from 44 to 98 MeV.

K Mori, PD Harty, Y Fujii, O Konno, K Maeda, I Nomura, GJ O'Keefe, J Ryckebusch, T Suda, T Terasawa, MN Thompson, Y Torizuka

Phys Rev C Nucl Phys | Published : 1995


The C12(γ,p0+1)11B differential cross section has been measured for tagged-photon energies of Eγ=44-98 MeV, at laboratory angles of 30°, 45°, 65°, and 90°. Comparison has been made with four different types of calculation. Results from similar calculations for the photoneutron channel have been compared to previously published C12(γ,n0+1)11C data. © 1995 The American Physical Society.

University of Melbourne Researchers

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