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The photonuclear cross sections of 48Ca

GJ O'Keefe, MN Thompson, YI Assafiri, RE Pywell, K Shoda

Nuclear Physics, Section A | Published : 1987


The sum of the photoneutron and photoproton cross sections of 48Ca (48Ca(γ, n + p)), has been deduced from an activation yield curve measurement using bremsstrahlung. In a separate experiment the 48Ca(γ, p) and partial photoproton cross sections to the ground and first excited states of 47K have been deduced from measured photoproton spectra recorded from the electro-disintegration of 48Ca. The 48Ca(γ, n) cross section is estimated from these data. A statistical decay model is used to estimate the 48Ca(γ, 2n) cross section. These reported cross sections are used to determine the relative strengths and energy distributions of the isospin components of the GDR states, and to compare these with..

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