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[Formula Presented] study of the isovector quadrupole resonance in [Formula Presented]Ca

DA Sims, GJ O’Keefe, RP Rassool, A Kuzin, MN Thompson, JO Adler, BE Andersson, KG Fissum, K Hansen, L Isaksson, B Nilsson, H Ruijter, A Sandell, B Schröder, JRM Annand, GI Crawford, PD Harty, JC McGeorge, GJ Miller

Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics | Published : 1997


The forward-to-backward asymmetry of neutrons emitted in the [Formula Presented]Ca[Formula Presented] reaction was measured at photon energies in the range of 27–50 MeV. An energy-dependent asymmetry was observed that is interpreted as evidence of interference between the isovector quadrupole resonance and the giant dipole resonance. Data analysis in terms of semiclassical and direct-semidirect models estimate the isovector quadrupole resonance to be at an excitation energy of [Formula Presented] MeV, with a width of [Formula Presented] MeV, and exhausting most of the energy-weighted sum rule for the isovector quadrupole resonance. © 1997 The American Physical Society.

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