Journal article

Premature birth of live lambs induced by pulsatile infusion of ACTH.

RJ MacIsaac, RS Carson, AP Horvath, EM Wintour

J Endocrinol | Published : 1990


This study was designed to investigate the effects of pulsatile infusion of ACTH into ovine fetuses on the endocrine changes that precede parturition, the timing of birth and the subsequent survival of the lamb. Where appropriate, these parameters were compared with fetuses infused with pulses of saline and uninfused normal term fetuses. Ten fetuses received a 15-min infusion of synthetic ACTH(1-24) (79 ng/min) from day 125 (n = 9) or day 126 (n = 1) of gestation. Seven fetuses were born prematurely within 174 +/- 14 h (mean +/- S.E.M.) after the commencement of the infusion, i.e. at 132 +/- 0.6 days, whilst three died in utero at 130-131 days. When born all lambs could breath, walk and suck..

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