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Nicotine-induced calcium overload during postischemic reperfusion.

S Panagiotopoulos, WG Nayler

J Cardiovasc Pharmacol | Published : 1987


The excessive gain in Ca2+ that occurs when hearts are reperfused after prolonged periods of ischemia contributes to cell death and tissue necrosis. The following experiments were undertaken to determine whether nicotine, in a concentration equivalent to the peak concentration present in plasma after cigarette smoke inhalation, alters reperfusion-induced Ca2+ gain in isolated rat hearts. Nicotine (0.15 microgram/ml) failed to increase tissue Ca2+ during aerobic perfusion but increased Ca2+ gain during reperfusion after 30 (p less than 0.02) or 60 (p less than 0.02) min of normothermic ischemia. The increase of Ca2+ gain was independent of a nicotine-induced release of norepinephrine (NE) or ..

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