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The antiatherosclerotic effect of the calcium antagonists and their implications in hypertension.

WG Nayler, S Panagiotopoulos

Am Heart J | Published : 1993


Calcium-dependent processes involved in atherosclerotic lesion formation include platelet aggregation, monocyte adhesion, release of growth factors, cell proliferation and migration, protein and collagen secretion and synthesis, and endothelial necrosis. In addition, the calcium (Ca2+) component of smooth muscle cell contraction contributes to one of the main risk factors, hypertension. The ability of the calcium channel blockers (CCBs) to interrupt the sequence of events that culminates in the formation of atherosclerotic lesions has been demonstrated in animal models and clinical trials. These studies have involved the short-acting CCBs. The results of this animal study show that manidipin..

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