Journal article

Calcium-mediated damage during post-ischaemic reperfusion.

WG Nayler, S Panagiotopoulos, JS Elz, MJ Daly

J Mol Cell Cardiol | Published : 1988


Ca2+ gain during reperfusion after an ischaemic episode may be of primary importance in the development of cell death and tissue necrosis. These studies were undertaken to examine the possibility of modifying Ca2+ gain by introducing interventions only upon reperfusion. Electron microscopy did not reveal the presence of holes in the sarcolemma prior to reperfusion, indicating that Ca2+ entry at the moment of reperfusion is not through rents in the sarcolemma. Reperfusion with acidotic buffer (pH 6.4 or 6.6) after 60 min ischaemia attenuated Ca2+ gain. However, this attenuation persisted only as long as the acidotic conditions were maintained. Conversely, reperfusion under alkalotic condition..

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