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Biosynthesis of calcitonin by human lung cancer cells.

JD Zajac, TJ Martin, P Hudson, H Niall, JW Jacobs

Endocrinology | Published : 1985


The ectopic secretion of calcitonin (CT) by a wide variety of nonthyroidal human tumors has been studied by CT RIA, but little information is available concerning the biosynthesis of CT in these tumors. In the present study, a human lung cancer cell line (BEN), secreting high mol wt forms of CT was investigated to characterize the CT gene products synthesized. When conditioned medium from BEN cells was chromatographed through a Bio-Gel P-30 column, larger species of immunoreactive CT were detected with mol wt of approximately 8,000 and 18,000. Little, if any, CT of 3,500 mol wt was detected. To examine CT gene products produced in BEN cells, poly A+ RNA was isolated from BEN cells and subjec..

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