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Women and Resistance to Colonialism in Morocco: The Rif 1916–1926

CR Pennell

The Journal of African History | Published : 1987


This article attempts to investigate the role the women in rural society in Morocco, and by extension in the Muslim world the the Near and Middle East. It does so by examining the evidence thrown up by a major crisis, the Rif war the the 1920s. The mobilization and organization the tribal society by Muhammad bin ‘Abd al-Karim (Abdelkrim) to fight the war against the Spanish and the French extended to women as well as men, involving them in new tasks under new laws. In the end, however, the evidence points not so much to a revolution in women's lives as to the activation for the purposes the war the a traditional female space’. In so doing, it points to the real importance the the women's sph..

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