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Regulation of enterocyte apoptosis by acyl-CoA synthetase 5 splicing

Nikolaus Gassler, Wilfried Roth, Benjamin Funke, Armin Schneider, Frank Herzog, Jens JW Tischendorf, Kerstin Grund, Roland Penzel, Ignacio G Bravo, John Mariadason, Volker Ehemann, Jaromir Sykora, Tobias L Haas, Henning Walczak, Tom Ganten, Hanswalter Zentgraf, Peter Erb, Angel Alonso, Frank Autschbach, Peter Schirmacher Show all

Gastroenterology | W B SAUNDERS CO-ELSEVIER INC | Published : 2007


BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The constant renewal of enterocytes along the crypt-villus axis (CVA) of human small intestine is due to cell-inherent changes resulting in the apoptotic cell death of senescent enterocytes. The aim of the present study was to examine underlying molecular mechanisms of the cell death at the villus tip. METHODS: Characterization of human acyl-coenzyme A (CoA) synthetase 5 (ACSL5) was performed by cloning, recombinant protein expression, biochemical approaches, and several functional and in situ analyses. RESULTS: Our data show that different amounts of acyl-CoA synthetase 5-full length (ACSL5-fl) and a so far unknown splice variant lacking exon 20 (ACSL5-Delta 20) are fou..

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