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In situ synthesis of Au-shelled Ag nanoparticles on PDMS for flexible, long-life, and broad spectrum-sensitive SERS substrates

B Fortuni, T Inose, S Uezono, S Toyouchi, K Umemoto, S Sekine, Y Fujita, M Ricci, G Lu, A Masuhara, JA Hutchison, L Latterini, H Uji-i

Chem. Commun. | ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY | Published : 2017

University of Melbourne Researchers


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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by KAKENHI (JP17H03003, JP17H05244, and JP17H05458), FWO (G0B5514N, G081916N, G056314N, and G025912N) and ERC (#280064 to H. U.). Financial support from the K. U. Leuven (C14/15/053, OT/12/059, and IDO/12/008), JST PRESTO, and BELSPO (IAP VII/05) is greatly acknowledged. A. M and H. U. are indebted to the Cooperative Research Program of "NJRC Mater. & Dev.''. M. R. acknowledges the support from an FWO PhD fellowship (1S33117N). A. M. acknowledges the Yashima Environment Technology Foundation and the MIKIYA Science and Technology Foundation for the support. L. L. acknowledges the support from the University of Perugia (Fondo d'Ateneo per la Ricerca di base 2014). A part of this work was supported by the "Nanotechnology Platform'' in Hokkaido University. B. F. and T. I. acknowledge the RIES International Exchange Program of "Dynamic Alliance for Open Innovation Bridging Human, Environment and Materials'' from MEXT. J. A. H. acknowledges the Australian Research Council DECRA scheme (DE130101300).