Thesis / Dissertation

Retro/Viral: Temporality, Territory and Biopolitics in Post-AIDS Cinema

J Pocius, A Yue (ed.), G Caluya (ed.)

Published : 2017


The widespread implementation of highly-active antiretroviral therapy to treat HIV/AIDS in the late 1990s instigated a rapid shift in the lived experience of the condition. AIDS was no longer a ‘death sentence’ for many, yet two decades later it remains a ‘life sentence’ for some. This shift promulgated a temporal disjuncture in the screen mediation of HIV/AIDS. This thesis addresses the fictionalised portrayal of HIV/AIDS in the ‘post-crisis’ era – that is, the era following the ‘end’ of the ‘AIDS crisis’ – and argues that the ‘AIDS epidemic’ paradigm has transitioned to an ‘HIV endemic’ paradigm. Borrowing from the terms of epidemiology, the conceptualisation of the AIDS crisis era as ‘epi..

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