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Induction of the ganglioside marker A2B5 on cultured cerebellar neural cells by growth factors.

J Drago, KL Reid, PF Bartlett

Neurosci Lett | Published : 1989


The surface ganglioside marker A2B5 was originally detected on neurons, but has subsequently been shown to be expressed on a wide range of macroglial and non-neural cells. This marker has been used in vitro to categorize subpopulations of neural cells within the central nervous system, as well as defining developmental pathways of macroglia. These categorizations are based on the assumption that this marker cannot easily be modulated. In this study of cerebellar cultures we demonstrate that A2B5 can be induced on approximately 16% of A2B5 non-expressing cells by the growth factors: basic fibroblast growth factor (b-FGF); acidic fibroblast growth factor (a-FGF); and, to a lesser degree, epide..

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