Journal article

L-myc and N-myc influence lineage determination in the central nervous system.

O Bernard, J Drago, H Sheng

Neuron | Published : 1992


The N-myc and the L-myc proto-oncogenes are expressed during embryonal development mainly in the developing brain. Studies of their expression in single neuroepithelial cells revealed that neural precursors not yet committed to the glial or the neuronal lineage expressed both genes, but after lineage commitment they expressed either N-myc or L-myc. Moreover, enforced expression of L-myc in the neural precursor cell line 2.3D caused neuronal differentiation, while the expression of N-myc promoted glial differentiation. These results indicate that L-myc and N-myc play critical roles in lineage determination for the central nervous system.

University of Melbourne Researchers