Journal article

Can differences in management processes explain different outcomes between stroke unit and stroke-team care?

A Evans, I Perez, F Harraf, A Melbourn, J Steadman, N Donaldson, L Kalra

The Lancet | Published : 2001


BACKGROUND: Stroke units reduce mortality and dependence, but the reasons are unclear. We have compared differences in management and complications of patients with acute stroke who were admitted to a stroke unit or to a general ward as part of a previously reported randomised trial. METHODS: 304 patients had been randomly assigned to stroke units (n=152) or to general wards supported by a specialist stroke team (152). We used a structured format to gather prospective data on the frequency of prespecified interventions in each of the major aspects of stroke care. Observations were undertaken daily for the first week and every week for the next 3 months by independent observers. The effect of..

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