Journal article

Training care givers of stroke patients: economic evaluation.

Anita Patel, Martin Knapp, Andrew Evans, Inigo Perez, Lalit Kalra

BMJ | Published : 2004


BACKGROUND: Training care givers reduces their burden and improves psychosocial outcomes in care givers and patients at one year. However, the cost effectiveness of this approach has not been investigated. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the cost effectiveness of caregiver training by examining health and social care costs, informal care costs, and quality adjusted life years in care givers. DESIGN: A single, blind, randomised controlled trial. SETTING: Stroke rehabilitation unit. SUBJECTS: 300 stroke patients and their care givers. INTERVENTIONS: Caregiver training in basic nursing and facilitation of personal care techniques compared with no care giver training. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Health and so..

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