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Increased calcium permeability of cold-stored erythrocytes.

JS Wiley, KE McCulloch, DS Bowden

Blood | Published : 1982


The calcium, sodium, and magnesium permeability of erythrocytes from blood stored at 4 degrees C in various anticoagulant media has been studied and compared to that of fresh erythrocytes. Passive influx of CA2+ was measured at 37 degrees C in cells pretreated to abolish Ca2+ pumping and was up to fivefold greater for cold-stored erythrocytes than for fresh cells. The Ca2+ leakiness developed gradually after day 2 and reached a maximum by day 7 of cold storage in ACD, CPD, CPD-adenine, or heparin anticoagulants. The total calcium content of cold-stored erythrocytes in ACD was not significantly different from that of fresh erythrocytes. However, when cold-stored erythrocytes were reincubated ..

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