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The effect of sulphinpyrazone on the aggregation and release reactions of human platelets.

JS Wiley, CN Chesterman, FJ Morgan, PA Castaldi

Thromb Res | Published : 1979


Sulphinpyrazone at low concentrations inhibits the in vitro aggregation of normal platelets induced by epinephrine, collagen and ristocetin. At higher concentrations sulphinpyrazone also inhibits the thrombin-induced release of platelet factor 4, β-thromboglobulin, serotonin and B-N acetyl glucosaminidase from an unstirred suspension of gel-filtered platelets. The inhibition of release or aggregation could be overcome by increasing the concentration of aggregating agent. Sulphinpyrazone had no effect on the active or passive influx of K+ into the platelet. These inhibitory effects were observed at concentrations of sulphinpyrazone likely to be reached by the daily administration of 800 mg. ©..

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