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Selective loss of calcium permeability on maturation of reticulocytes.

JS Wiley, CC Shaller

J Clin Invest | Published : 1977


Calcium and sodium permeability of human reticulocytes have been studied and compared to mature erythrocytes. Mature erythrocytes had extremely low Ca2+ permeability which was less than 0.1% of values published for squid axon or HeLa cells. Calcium entry was markedly increased in reticulocyte-rich suspensions and the uptake was linearly related to the percentage of reticulocytes present. The data suggest that reticulocytes are 43-fold more permeable to Ca2+ than mature cells although their Ca2+ concentration is not increased. Sodium influx into reticulocyte-rich suspensions was also increased in direct proportion to the percent of reticulocytes present. Reticulocytes are sixfold more permeab..

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