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Increased erythrocyte cation permeability in thalassemia and conditions of marrow stress.

JS Wiley

J Clin Invest | Published : 1981


Calcium and sodium permeability of erythrocytes from patients with untransfused alpha- or beta- thalassemia major has been studied and compared to mature erythrocytes or control cells with comparable reticulocytosis. Isotopic Na(+) influx was increased a mean fourfold greater than normals and threefold greater than reticulocyte rich control. Passive net leak of Na(+) into thalassemic cells incubated with ouabain was also increased corresponding to their greater (22)Na(+) influx. Erythrocyte Na(+) and K(+) concentrations and cell water content per unit volume of cells were normal. Quantitation of active cation pumps in the cell membrane by the technique of [(3)H]ouabain binding showed a 2.6- ..

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