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Saturation of intracellular cytosine arabinoside triphosphate accumulation in human leukemic blast cells.

GP Jamieson, MB Snook, JS Wiley

Leuk Res | Published : 1990


Accumulation of cytosine arabinoside triphosphate (araCTP) from a range of cytosine arabinoside (araC) concentrations (1-50 microM) was measured during incubations of leukemic cells freshly isolated from patients with acute leukemia. In all but one patient, increments in extracellular araC above 10 microM did not increase intracellular araCTP levels. This maximal level of araCTP accumulation ranged from 254 to 1607 pmol/10(7) cells attained after 1 h incubation and did not correlate with either the number of nucleoside transporters on the cell membrane or the Vmax of araC phosphorylation in cell free extracts. Extremely low araCTP accumulation (103 pmol/10(7) cells/h at 50 microM araC) was o..

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