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A new fluorescent probe for the equilibrative inhibitor-sensitive nucleoside transporter. 5'-S-(2-aminoethyl)-N6-(4-nitrobenzyl)-5'-thioadenosine (SAENTA)-chi 2-fluorescein.

JS Wiley, AM Brocklebank, MB Snook, GP Jamieson, WH Sawyer, JD Craik, CE Cass, MJ Robins, DP McAdam, AR Paterson

Biochem J | Published : 1991


The N6-(4-nitrobenzyl) derivative of adenosine is a tight-binding inhibitor of the equilibrative inhibitor-sensitive nucleoside transporter of mammalian cells. A fluorescent ligand for this transporter has been synthesized by allowing an adenosine analogue. 5'-S-(2-aminoethyl)-N6-(4-nitrobenzyl)-5'-thioadenosine (SAENTA), to react with fluorescein isothiocyanate. The purified adduct had a SAENTA/fluorescein molar ratio of 0.92:1 calculated from its absorption spectrum. The intensity of fluorescent emission from the SAENTA-chi 2-fluorescein adduct was 30% that of fluorescein isothiocyanate (chi 2 is the number of atoms in the linkage between fluorescein and SAENTA). SAENTA-chi 2-fluorescein i..

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