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The ATP4- receptor-operated channel (P2Z class) of human lymphocytes allows Ba2 and ethidium uptake: inhibition of fluxes by suramin.

JS Wiley, R Chen, GP Jamieson

Arch Biochem Biophys | Published : 1993


It is now recognized that extracellular ATP can open a receptor-operated ion channel in a variety of cell types. In human lymphocytes this P2Z purinergic channel conducts Na+, K+, Rb+, Li+, and Ca2+ but its permeability to larger cations is not known. Fluorometric measurements were used to show that ATP4- induced the entry of Sr2+ (87 Da) and Ba2+ (137 Da) into human lymphocytes loaded with fura-2. Flow cytometry was used to show that ATP4- induced the entry of ethidium+ (314 Da) but that the larger propidium2+ cation (414 Da) was excluded. ATP(4-)-induced entry of both Ba2+ and ethidium+ showed features previously demonstrated for smaller cation permeants: (i) inhibition by amiloride analog..

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