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A furosemide-sensitive cotransport of sodium plus potassium in the human red cell.

JS Wiley, RA Cooper

J Clin Invest | Published : 1974


The influxes of Na(+) and K(+) into the human red cell appear to be interrelated. This relationship was investigated under conditions in which either Na(+) or K(+) concentration outside the cell was varied or one cation was replaced by Mg(2+), choline(+), or Li(+). The effects of furosemide on Na(+) and K(+) movements were studied in the presence of ouabain. When ouabain was present, Na(+) influx was higher with K(+) ions externally than with other cations externally. Furosemide inhibited this K(+)-stimulated Na(+) influx, but it had little effect when K(+) was absent. Ouabain-insensitive K(+) influx was stimulated two-fold by external Na(+) compared with other cations. Furosemide also inhib..

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