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Co-ordinated increase of sodium leak and sodium pump in hereditary spherocytosis.

JS Wiley

Br J Haematol | Published : 1972


The presence of an increased sodium leak into hereditary spherocytes up to three times normal has been confirmed from measurement of 22Na+ influx into red cells. 22Na+ influx was not identical to the net inward leak of Na+ but the two kept a constant relationship since influx was about double the net Na+ gain in both normal and abnormal cells incubated with ouabain. The intracellular concentration of Na+ ions in fresh cells from hereditary spherocytes was identical to that in normal red cells. Hereditary spherocytes showed increased maximal activity of a membrane ATP‐ase inhibited by ouabain and the Na+ concentration giving half‐maximal activation of this ATP‐ase was the same for spherocytes..

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