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The P2X(7) receptor mediates the uptake of organic cations in canine erythrocytes and mononuclear leukocytes: comparison to equivalent human cell types.

Ryan O Stevenson, Rosanne M Taylor, James S Wiley, Ronald Sluyter

Purinergic Signalling | Published : 2009


We previously demonstrated that canine erythrocytes express the P2X(7) receptor, and that the function and expression of this receptor is greatly increased compared with human erythrocytes. Using (86)Rb(+) (K(+)) and organic cation flux measurements, we further compared P2X(7) in erythrocytes and mononuclear leukocytes from these species. Concentration response curves of BzATP- and ATP-induced (86)Rb(+) efflux demonstrated that canine P2X(7) was less sensitive to inhibition by extracellular Na(+) ions compared to human P2X(7). In contrast, canine and human P2X(7) showed a similar sensitivity to the P2X(7) antagonists KN-62 and Mg(2+). KN-62 and Mg(2+) also inhibited ATP-induced choline(+) up..

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