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Hypothesis: aldosterone is synthesized by an alternative pathway during severe sodium depletion. 'A new wine in an old bottle'.

WC Boon, JG McDougall, JP Coghlan

Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol | Published : 1998


1. The last three steps of aldosterone biosynthesis, 11 beta-hydroxylation, 18-hydroxylation and 18-oxidation, have been demonstrated to be catalysed by one enzyme, which is the cytochrome P450(11 beta) (CYP11B) in cow, pig, sheep and bullfrog or cytochrome P450aldo (CYP11B2) in rat, human, mouse and hamster. 2. The related enzyme P450(11 beta) (CYP11B1) from rat, human, mouse and hamster adrenals displays 11 beta-hydroxylation and 18-hydroxylation activities, but not 18-oxidation activity in vitro. No such enzyme has been reported in the cow, pig or sheep to date. 3. Data showing the dissociation of aldosterone secretion from plasma angiotensin II (AngII) levels indicate the presence of oth..

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