Journal article

Cloning and expression analysis of a cytochrome P-450(11 beta) cDNA in sheep.

WC Boon, PJ Roche, VE Hammond, K Jeyaseelan, RJ Crawford, JP Coghlan

Biochim Biophys Acta | Published : 1995


A full length ovine steroid 11 beta-hydroxylase (cytochrome P-450(11 beta)) cDNA clone from a sheep adrenal cortex cDNA library was isolated. Sequence analysis indicates that this cDNA clone resembles bovine P-450(11 beta) cDNA (95% nucleotide sequence homology) more closely than rat P-450(11 beta) cDNA (69% nucleotide sequence homology). Although the levels of nucleotide sequence homology of this cDNA clone to the rat P-450(11 beta) cDNA and the rat P-450aldo cDNA are similar, the putative amino acid sequence shows a closer resemblance to rat P-450aldo protein. Northern blot analysis shows that there are three sizes of transcript and they are expressed throughout the adrenal cortex.

University of Melbourne Researchers