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What tests and measures should be added to the SCAT3 and related tests to improve their reliability, sensitivity and/or specificity in sideline concussion diagnosis? A systematic review

Ruben J Echemendia, Steven P Broglio, Gavin A Davis, Kevin M Guskiewicz, K Alix Hayden, John J Leddy, William P Meehan, Margot Putukian, S John Sullivan, Kathryn J Schneider, Paul McCrory

British Journal of Sports Medicine | BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2017


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His research is funded, in part, by philanthropic support from the National Hockey League Alumni Association through the Corey C. Griffin Pro-Am Tournament and by a grant from the Football Players Health Study at Harvard University, which is funded by the NFL Players Association. JJL receives grants/research support from National Institutes of Health, The Ralph C. Wilson Foundation, Program for Understanding Childhood Concussion and Stroke, The Robert Rich Family Foundation, and The Buffalo Sabres Foundation. MP is a medical consultant for Major League Soccer and received financial remuneration for this relationship. She has served as a medical expert on medico-legal cases involving sports medicine and traumatic brain injury and received financial remuneration for these. 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