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Specification fo road traffic signal light intensity.

BL Cole, B Brown

Hum Factors | Published : 1968


In a previous communication we reported data supporting the recommendation that a red road traffic signal should have an intensity of 200 cd for optimum recognition from 100 m when the signal is seen against a very bright sky (104cd/m2). This confirmed the earlier result of Boisson and Pagès. The present paper extends the data to include (a) the effect of signal size on optimum signal intensity for a practical range of angular diameters (4.1 to 16.5 min of arc), and (b) the effect of background luminance for a range of luminances of 1.5 ft-L to 2250 ft-L. The results show that optimum signal intensity is independent of signal size and that spatial summation by the visual system is complete. ..

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