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Control of reproduction with anti-progestin and oestrogens in captive bears.

F Göritz, M Quest, T Hildebrandt, HH Meyer, L Kolter, W Elger, K Jewgenow

J Reprod Fertil Suppl | Published : 2001


The aim of this study was to establish new methods for controlling reproduction in bears. Anti-progestins were used to interrupt pregnancies. In two consecutive years, the anti-progestin J956 was administered to 11 female bears (nine Ursus arctos, one Ursus tibethanus, one Tremarctos ornatus) living in zoos. The anti-progestin J956 was given orally (n = 4) or parenterally (n = 12). The anti-progestin was administered alone or in combination with ethinyloestradiol, and before or after embryo implantation. The effects of anti-progestin treatment were determined using ultrasonographic examination of the urogenital tract and by monitoring progesterone concentrations in the blood and faeces. Oral..

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