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The Litoria ewingi Complex (Anura: Hylidae) in South-Eastern Australia VII.* Mating Call Structure and Gentic Compatibility across a Narrow Hybrid Zone between L. ewingi and L. parawingi

MJ Littlejohn, GF Watson

Australian Journal of Zoology | Published : 1983


On the basis of the number of pulses per repeated note and of repeated notes per call for individual males, the interaction between Litoria ewingi and L. paraewingi in the region of the Tallarook (northern) transect is interpreted as a transitional hybrid zone, with populations consisting of hybrids and individuals of only one or other parental species. The Tallarook transect thus differs from the Glenburn (southern) transect, which is considered to be an overlap of both parental species together with recombination products. The minimum width of the zone in the area of the Tallarook transect is estimated to be 25 km, compared with 5 km for the Glenburn transect. Levels of partial and total a..

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