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Solid phase synthesis and biological activity of rat relaxin.

JD Wade, F Lin, G Talbo, L Otvos, YY Tan, GW Tregear

Biomed Pept Proteins Nucleic Acids | Published : 1996


The peptide hormone relaxin was isolated in good yield from the ovaries of the pregnant rodent Rattus rattus using a simplified purification schedule. It was subjected to comprehensive chemical characterization to confirm both its purity and predicted composition. The peptide was also chemically synthesized by the solid phase procedure. The two chains comprising the hormone were each assembled by the Boc-polystyrene method and, following conventional purification, combined in solution to form the single intramolecular and two intermolecular disulfide bonds. Following purification, the synthetic rat relaxin was fully chemically characterized and shown to be indistinguishable from the native p..

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