Journal article

Schizophrenia risk from complex variation of complement component 4

Aswin Sekar, Allison R Bialas, Heather de Rivera, Avery Davis, Timothy R Hammond, Nolan Kamitaki, Katherine Tooley, Jessy Presumey, Matthew Baum, Vanessa Van Doren, Giulio Genovese, Samuel A Rose, Robert E Handsaker, Mark J Daly, Michael C Carroll, Beth Stevens, Steven A McCarroll

Nature | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2016

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Lundbeck Foundation

Awarded by Medical Research Council

Awarded by National Institute for Health Research

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to remember the late T. Stanley with appreciation and express their gratitude for his support. We thank S. Hyman, E. Lander, C. Bargmann, and C. Patil for conversations about the project and comments on drafts of the manuscript; M. Webster for expert advice on immunohistochemistry; B. Browning for expert advice on imputation; the Stanley Medical Research Institute Brain Collection and the NHGRI Gene and Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project for access to RNA and tissue samples; C. Emba for assistance with experiments; and C. Usher for contributions to manuscript figures. This work was supported by R01 HG 006855 (to S.A.M.), by the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research (to S. A. M. and B. S.), by U01 MH105641 (to S. A. M.), by R01 MH077139 (to the PGC), and by T32 GM007753 (to A.S. and M.B.).