Conference Proceedings

Variations in the Fundamental Plane of massive galaxies with stellar population, morphology and local density

C Magoulas, C Springob, R Proctor, M Colless, D Heath Jones, C Kobayashi, L Campbell, J Lucey, J Mould

Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union | Published : 2012


We have measured Fundamental Plane (FP) parameters in the 2MASS J, H and K passbands for 10,000 ellipticals, lenticulars and early-type spiral bulges in the 6dF Galaxy Survey (6dFGS) - a spectroscopic survey of the southern sky with |b| > 10° (Jones et al. 2009). 6dFGS provides a large near-infrared-selected sample of galaxies for accurately determining the NIR FP and investigating the trends in the FP with stellar population, morphology and environment. © 2013 International Astronomical Union.

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