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The Hubble space telescope key project on the extragalactic distance scale. XXVII. A derivation of the Hubble constant using the fundamental plane and Dn-σ relations in Leo I, Virgo, and Fornax

DD Kelson, GD Illingworth, JL Tonry, WL Freedman, RC Kennicutt, JR Mould, JA Graham, JP Huchra, LM Macri, BF Madore, L Ferrarese, BK Gibson, S Sakai, PB Stetson, EA Ajhar, JP Blakeslee, A Dressler, HC Ford, SMG Hughes, KM Sebo Show all

Astrophysical Journal | Published : 2000


Using published photometry and spectroscopy, we construct the fundamental plane and Dn-σ relations in Leo I, Virgo, and Fornax. The published Cepheid period-luminosity (PL) relations to spirals in these clusters fixes the relation between angular size and metric distance for both the fundamental plane and Dn-σ relations. Using the locally calibrated fundamental plane, we infer distances to a sample of clusters with a mean redshift of cz ≈ 6000 km s-1, and derive a value of H0 = 78 ± 5 ± 9 km s-1 Mpc-1 (random and systematic errors, respectively) for the local expansion rate. This value includes a correction for depth effects in the Cepheid distances to the nearby clusters, which decreased th..

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