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Limits on the Hubble constant from the HST distance of M100

J Mould, JP Huchra, F Bresolin, L Ferrarese, HC Ford, WL Freedman, J Graham, P Harding, R Hill, JG Hoessel, SM Hughes, GD Illingworth, D Kelson, RC Kennicutt, BF Madore, R Phelps, PB Stetson, A Turner

The Astrophysical Journal | Published : 1995


Because M100 is in the Virgo cluster, our recent measurement of its distance has an impact on the calibration of all of the extragalactic secondary distance indicators which reach beyond Virgo and define the expansion rate. We examine the consequences of a 17 Mpc M100 distance, questioning its consistency with supernova and other distances. The distance of M100 provides two separate constraints on the Hubble constant. First, it verifies the emissivity calculations for Type II supernovae. These models, fitted to SN 1987A, have recently been used to measure host galaxy distances beyond 104 km s-1 recession velocity. Second, it constrains the distance of the Virgo cluster, which in spite of its..

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